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Pepper Nurture is an independent reseller of marketing automation software and can help you whether you are buying for the first time or migrating from another platform.

We have relationships with a number of the leading vendors including Act-On, Marketo, HubSpot and Keap and can also provide complete configuration and implementation services along with the software purchase.

We have relationships with a number of the leading vendors including Act-On, Marketo, HubSpot and Keap and can also provide complete configuration and implementation services along with the software purchase.

Is there any particular software we’d recommend?

As part of the Pepper Marketing Group, we have worked with multiple marketing automation software vendors over many years in conjunction with clients, and for our own marketing needs.

And just like that infamous Oral B ad that asks “what toothbrush do dentists use?”, we also get asked what marketing automation software we use.

Well, tell me already!

If you’re a medium to large business, we’re big fans of Act-On and use it ourselves. It really is a great blend of powerful features you’d actually use day to day with good pricing while also being one of the easiest platforms to use. We have also built a unique leasing solution with Act-On that removes a lot of the risks when starting out with marketing automation without locking you in for the long term. Read more about that here.

If, however, you’re a small business with limited budgets and marketing resources, then Keap is still hard to go past.

Just because we use Act-On though doesn’t automatically make it right for your business. There are many factors to consider and we can help you wade through the choices and match the right software to your business needs.

Ever thought about leasing instead?

When you start looking at marketing automation for the first time, it is easy to underestimate the costs involved. We don’t just mean the costs of the software either – system configuration together with the design and build of a lead nurture program can present a very steep learning curve. And that’s before you consider the costs of content production and data acquisition.

We’ve seen many companies struggle in the first year or two to take full advantage of the software which puts pressure on the need for results and a positive ROI.

The Pepper Nurture Leasing Program is built on the Act-On marketing automation platform and is a way to minimise the risk and lower the upfront investment required in getting started. Whilst not strictly a “lease”, it borrows from the way car leasing deals are done by bundling up everything you need in a single package and then letting you pay for it over time.

How does it work?

The Lease Package includes:

  • Monthly Act-On software subscription fees
  • System configuration and setup
  • All ongoing system operation and reporting

One off Costs:

  • Lead Nurture program design and build

You pay for the lease package on a quarterly basis with no minimum contracts and the ability to cancel anytime.


With Pepper Nurture setting up the system and operating it under your direction, your staff are free to focus on your marketing strategy and tactics.

You can discuss all your ideas for your lead nurturing program and we’ll build it quickly for you so you can have that running from Day 1 of your program rather than when your team have worked through the trial and error of learning how to do it themselves.

With no minimum term in place, you get a chance to make sure it’s right for you without over committing. In the event that you choose to not continue, you don’t lose any data. As part of your fee we ensure all data and content is exported for you to import into a new system or use in any other way you need.

As an optional extra, we can also add a “transfer of skills” component which allows 1 or 2 of your designated team members to learn from us as we operate your system over a period of time. In this way, at some point in the future, they can take over the day to day operation of the software if that makes more sense to you. You then just pay for the software subscription with ongoing support from us.

If your staff members leave or you have resourcing issues, we can step back in temporarily to help out in the short term or take over again for the longer term. It’s completely flexible and up to you.

To discuss your marketing automation needs, organise a demo, or get a quick quote, get in touch today.