The small business guide to capturing more leads

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Explore how to capture your leads, not just attract them - from creating a 'lead magnet' offer to the vital role of marketing automation.

Everyday, prospective customers visit your website. You spent plenty of time and money getting them there, between your web development, design, advertising, social media, search engine optimisation, and outreach efforts.

The leads you worked so hard to attract are now clicking around your website, thinking about whether to become a customer of your company.

And then, many of them vanish without a trace. If those website visitors don’t turn into buyers, you may never know who they are, how to contact them, and what you could have done to follow up and earn their business.

That’s why it’s important not only to attract leads but also to capture them. In this eBook, we'll explore how to do just that - from creating a 'lead magnet' offer to using marketing automation to help you convert those new leads into customers.